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Roots Is...

  1. She Can't be Satisfied
  2. Shine on Me
  3. Black Rider
  4. One Bright Day
  5. Up We Go
  6. Magic Wall
  7. Infinite Ocean
  8. Evil Moon
  9. Sweet Soul Music
  10. Carry On
  11. Dream Upon a Misty Sea

She Can't be Satisfied

Not a tear falls from my eyes
and my guitar screams and cries
cause my woman said goodbye
and she left me high and dry

Chorus: Lord knows
Lord know I tried (2X)
but she can't be satisfied

Two long years I stood by her side
now she's runnin' round with other guys
telling lies and all that jive
while she took me for a ride
yeah she took me for a ride


Shine On Me

Sunshine came outside today
on the streets the children played
gone were all the clouds that hang
the sky was such a perfect shade

Let's go out to meet the day
before it's gone and it's too late
ride the wave before it breaks
onto the sand and fades away

Chorus : Shine on me and pour on me
and fall on me again
I'm waiting for the sun
because tomorrow never ends

Let's go take a holiday
ease your mind and drift away
sunbeams shine upon the lake
until the moon can find its way


Black Rider

Black Rider ridin' higher
never sleeps and he never tires
setting souls of men on fire
seeking power he desires
ride on, black rider ride

Black rider ridin' higher
in the shadows does conspire
souls of light he will acquire
building forth a dark empire
ride on, black rider ride

Black Rider, ridin' higher
over mountains and thru the shire
thru the forest and thru the night
keep riding till the morning light
ride on, black rider ride

Demon horses scream in the night
thunder rolls and lightning strikes
black clouds cover the far eastern skies
marking every trace of moonlight

Death comes across all seen in their sight
run for your life you poor child and hide
cloaked in black in the shadows they ride
run for your life you poor child and hide

Ride thru the day, ride thru the night
gonna keep on ridin' till the morning light
black rider ride (3x)

One Bright Day

Even though the skies are gray
I smile anyway
I know jah hears me when I pray
so I will be okay

Many trials we'll have to face
throughout our days
but my feet will stay
upon the king's highway

Chorus: One bright day
jah sun will shine my way
all of my troubles drift away
one bright day

Even when you walk alone
there's someone by your side
and every time jah sun will rise
you'll find your place to shine

Birds will sing
and light will fill the skies
singing songs of praise
until my day arrives


Rivers flow and rainbows play
Free to live, no dues to pay
walk thru fields of sweet sensi
by a tree our heads could lay


Up We Go

High or low
there's a place that we can go
smiles grow thru faces young and old
rainbows glow leading to a pot of gold
no one knows which way the wind may blow

Up we go, hope I find my way back home
take it slow like a ring of smoke

So and so follow where the river rolls
take a stroll thru the story told
sunshine shows green valleys dreaming far below
valleys grow beside the winding road

Up we go where no one knows
where the hills find fields of gold
where starlight plays so far away
and mysteries unfold

Up we go, hope I find my way back home
take it slow like a ring of smoke
let it flow, who's to say how far you will go
no one knows which way the wind may blow

Up we go where no one knows
where the hills find fields of gold
over the mountains rainbows grow
and mysteries unfold

Magic Wall

Drifting down the magic wall
wandering thru the spiralling halls
mirrors change from big to small
fun to be had by all

while drifting down the magic wall

When you grew your shadows tall
you really were not there at all
thoughts pour down like waterfalls
upon the misty skies

while drifting down the magic wall

Bluebirds sing and angels call
gathered watching petals fall
we can wander thru it all
drifting down the magic wall

drifting down, all fall down (2X)

Spilling past the waterfall
piper blows and mermaids call
it really makes no sense at all
when you're drifting down the magic wall

Wizards wait under the moon
serpents sleep in blue lagoons
dragons rest by treasure chests
and sleep above the ancient ruins

drifting down, all fall down

Infinite Ocean

Look into the starry night
where angels fly and cast a light
that leads your eyes to find the sight
of silver streaks all thru the skies

The wind blows freely thru your mind
and all the trees become alive
draw a breath and realize
that now you have arrived

Chorus : And the seams are starting to open
everything comes into focus
walk, fall inside the dream
where everything flows
like a crystal blue stream

The ground begins to spin around
lose yourself inside the sound
of symphonies above the clouds
thoughts run free, unchained and wild

Fly a million miles away
to a castle beyond days
somewhere out in distanr space
across the great divide

Chorus : into the infinite ocean

Violently you fall to earth
cleansed of all your pain and hurt
secrets of the universe
revealed unto your soul
Everything is as you knew
and as the sun comes creeping through
let the vision show you to
a brighter day

Evil Moon

An evil moon
took my little brother's life too soon (2x)
I cried oh lord have mercy
but my poor little brother was doomed

Sitting in my dark room
and my flowers just don't seem to bloom (2x)
I'll mourn for you brother
from sunset till high noon

Deep in my soul there will always be a wound
I never knew this day would come so soon
the winds will sing the saddest tune

You flew past the sun
and you flew past the moon (2x)
just go the angels' way child
till they lead me home to you

An evil moon

Sweet Soul Music

Mr. Music talk to me sweetly
Mr. Music what you got to say?
I could use you to get the people movin'
and we could move some more along the way

Chorus :
And I know that the love will grow now
and I know that the sun will shine
and I know that things will be much better
and I know everything will be just fine

Mr. Music the sweetest kind of music
Mr. Music I like it that way
I could use you to get the people movin'
and we could move some more along the way


Mr. music passing you vibrations
sweet soul music blowing thru the air
let it start the healing of the nations
let it guide us, lead us anywhere

Sweet soul music
you know that you can't refuse it (2X)

Carry On

Sing, sing a song, don't take long
carry on
dance and be free
close your eyes child
and you will see

Run rabbit run
hop if you will
you got time to kill

Chorus : Keep skankin' on
we've got to be strong

Sing, sing a song
don't take long
carry on
dance and be free
close your eyes child
and you will see
oh let the rhythm lead
you'll find your way now
if you believe


Carry on
it's your time that's passing by
Carry on
Live as one under the sky

Carry on

Dream Upon a Misty Sea

Lonely I have seen
so many days like these
passing me
had so many dreams
when I fell asleep
washing over me

For all these tears I weep
I thought there'd be a sea
covering my feet
and every night I dream
I wish there'd be a queen
watching over me

Chorus :

We could be so free
just you and me
But still it seems
lonely days are all I see

Every sun that comes to rise
when I look into your eyes
after the night, upon the sky
or by a rising tide

Just walk with me
down to the sea
and the wind will lead

We'll plant a tree
Just you and me
with heaven's seed


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